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Need fireworks ? Artificiel Pyrotechnie Ltd. is the solution! Our company 100% from the Gaspe Peninsula, organizes professional and large scale fireworks for all types of special events. Totalling more than 15 years of experience , Artificiel Pyrotechnie Ltd. designs outdoor pyromusical tailor-made performances while respecting the established budget.


Working with event organizers committees , Artificiel Pyrotechnie Ltd. is committed to animate the sky with the colors and image of each of the Gaspésie communities , Magdalen Islands, Bas-Saint-Laurent and Côte-Nord. Artificiel Pyrotechnie Ltd. relies on firing equipment at the cutting edge of technology. All of our shows are unique and personalized for each client.



Our pyrotechnicians have all the required certifications included display supervisors with endorsements:


  • Large shells

  • Floating platforms

  • Nautical effects

  • Arial shells

  • Flying saucers

  • Comets

  • Roman Candles

  • Mines

  • Cakes

  • Gerbs and Fountains

  • Lances Waterfalls

  • Wheels





  • Festival

  • Carnival

  • Wedding

  • Inaugural event

  • City foundation anniversary

  • Canada Day

  • St.Jean Baptist Day

  • National Acadian Day

  • New year's eve

  • Concert

  • Western Festival

  • Event for the whole family

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Security is a key aspect for Artificiel Pyrotechnie Ltd. To ensure security without fault to the spectators, surveys are conducted before the fireworks at the direction and velocity of winds , respect of the security perimeter and the presence of the local fire department. A security perimeter is established in accordance with the rules issued by the provincial and federal authorities. All equipments are thoroughly inspected before being used. Artificiel Pyrotechnie Ltd. engages in a sustainable management model using approved pyrotechnics and run environment-friendly practices.

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